Understanding Halal Food Catering & Having The Right Catering Venue

If you’re planning for a big day, be it a wedding, a grand birthday celebration or a corporate event, you’ll need the best venue! Whether you plan to hire a private kitchen chef or a Halal food catering in Singapore, you must have the best place for reception catering. While many professionals can work around almost any condition or event, your venue will make it easier for anyone (guests and catering staff) to work around accessing the food station.

Choosing The Right Reception Venue For Your Food Station

Whether you’re opting for catering or a Halal finger food delivery in Singapore, here’s how you can choose the right reception venue for your next event.

Determine if there is enough space for setup and stage.

While there’s not much of a deal-breaker for other factors in finding a venue for your food catering service, it’s vital that your venue should have sufficient space for setting up the food station. Whether you plan for a luxurious buffet or a custom Halal tea break delivery in Singapore for your guests, it’s vital that the space should hold enough for attendees.

The size of your space must also depend on the number of guests you are expecting to arrive. For the catering to hold hot and cold food, the staging area is something you must also consider.

Check if the venue has an area for disposing of materials.

Not all venues have dumpsters or allow you to access theirs during the cleanup period. Even if you opt for a Halal care package in Singapore or a wedding buffet, your venue should have the potential for a food station crew to pack and take out the trash. Otherwise, it can affect their logistics and risk increasing the food or service price. Ensure that the venue has access to dumpsters or cans after the event is done for the cleanup.

Check for access to tables for catering or buffet.

Some event reception venues will allow you to access their chairs and tables. However, sometimes it might depend on the package and agreement since others permit you to use it with an additional charge. Hence, it’s something organisers/event hosts must consider when looking for a venue for your wedding buffet or Halal food catering services.

Amenities are features that could either be available or unavailable for you and the catering service to use. Some are free (since it’s included in the package). Others may ask for an extra charge. Hence, such amenity (access to chairs and tables) is one thing you should also prioritise on your list when renting. You can find the best wedding caterers Woonsocket, RI to have a smooth event, without being worried.

Determine if the venue has access to usable water.

Your reception caterer will need access to water for various purposes, from washing plates and hands. Even if you opt for a buffet or Halal food catering service, having access to running water in the venue will help you save less since lacking usable water will have the caterer bring temperature-controlled storage vessels. While it does guarantee hygiene and safety for meeting health code requirements, it can add to the service cost.

Understanding Halal Food Catering


Halal food catering is a growing interest among the specific type of people around the world. Not just in Singapore, the ‘Halal’ has strong religious implications, which carry general rules that followers must adhere to in the name of the Muslim faith. Apart from the ‘religious’ aspects, it also has a health benefit for those health-conscious individuals, even if they do not participate in any religious forms associated with ‘Halal’ food practice.

‘Halal’ is an Arabic word that means ‘for permissible’. It adheres to Islamic law deriving from the Quran or Koran. Although many use the word ‘Halal’ on food products, it is also applicable to other activities. Hence if you see services, such as Halal dessert box in Singapore or Halal outdoor exercise, it encompasses those within that are ‘permissible’ according to the Islamic law that every Muslim must comply with.

On the other hand, ‘Haram’ is the opposite of Halal. Haram means ‘forbidden’, and the food often forbidden in the holy Quran is blood, pork and other dead animals. Animals that died via piercing, gored, fall, beating, or sacrificial purposes do not have permission, according to the law, for consumption. Animal meat made from killing or sacrificial use to other deities (besides Allah) is not permitted by Islamic law for consumption.

Almost every Halal product or Halal food catering service guarantees that the caterer offers are free from any meat that is Haram or forbidden. A Muslim must speak the name of Allah and proceed to slice the animal’s throat with a sharp knife for a quick and humane death. The person must drain the meat or animal from blood after. The person must also remove the other organs, such as reproductive organs, gallbladder, and pancreas, which the traditional Muslim law considered unclean and inedible.

The Benefits of the Halal Meat Diet


As we have mentioned, there are also a number of known benefits of a Halal diet. Halal can be more than just a religious adherence for Muslims. Today’s Halal animals are raised on vegetarian diets and are not given growth hormones or antibiotics. Hence, most meats that Halal food catering service or Halal goods provides these additional health benefits for your daily diet:

Enhances body metabolism

Metabolism is essential in providing the ideal amount of energy that your body will need to function throughout the day. Metabolism also helps with digestion and breathing.

More hygienic

Food hygiene is another vital factor for healthy living. Whether you’re buying Halal food or opting for Halal food catering, you can ensure that Halal meat is pure and clean based on the standard Halal meat criteria.

Certified safe to eat

Food safety is a priority when it comes to Halal-certified meat. Such meats are clean and free from possible contamination from pesticides and antibiotics. Most Halal meats have a low-occurrence rate and are free from pathogen infestation since the blood was drained completely during the slaughter process.

If you are looking for a Halal finger food delivery in Singapore, visit Delifrance Singapore for certified Halal-food catering!

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