A New Addition and also a Solution: Babyccino  

The item called babyccino on the menu of a coffee shop is new for many. Most of the customers have no idea about what to expect from this drink. This is the solution to the nightmare that every parent face while going to a coffee shop with the kid. Kids are more interested in foods that are not being ordered to them. We can’t actually blame the kids. They are often offered simple looking bland food items while adults sit with their plates full of luscious dishes with varied flavors and colors. It is not quite wrong for them to want to try the food that are on our plates. But it is not healthy for them as their tummy is not yet ready for such items. but it is almost impossible to control their urge as well as their hands. It is almost impossible for any parent to take a sip of their drink peacefully with a kid close to them. They will ultimately reach out to it the moment they get a chance.

Sometimes the situation is funny and at times it goes out of hands

With a kid making various attempts at the drink is often a funny scene. Even sometimes parents enjoy the look on their face as the kids look eagerly at the cup of coffee. Some of these moments are kind of cute and funny. But at others, things might just go the wrong way. With the kid and an adult, both trying to save it from the other. Incidents like spilled drink can happen. The result is a very messy affair. In fact, some parents just regret the decision of bringing the kid in the first place. Then they regret not having something to offer to the kid at the stores so that they create no fuss. But not anymore. Babyccino has become so famous that it is readily available in most stores.

Less time consumption and more fun

Give your kid the feel of being an adult with this drink. Babyccino takes less amount of time as it contains just milk and some topping. Frothing milk in a coffee shop is not that of a time-consuming task to do. It literally takes juts minutes. Then it is just the toppings that go in. One can go for cinnamon powder or cocoa powder. One can easily go for marshmallows and sprinkles as well. There is no espresso in the Babyccino Starbucks and only warm milk that is healthy for kids.

With the added toppings, the drinks look delicious. In fact, some stores choose to offer it at free of cost on certain conditions. While your kids won’t be drinking any caffeine, they will feel like adults and won’t go for your drinks. The sprinkles make it even more appealing to the kids who are always eager to try put something new. Choose the milk of your choice and you are all set to let your kid drink his or her babyccino.


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