Chili Sauce And More: 5 Different Kinds Of Sauces

Have you ever cooked something without any sauce or condiments in it? Even if your main ingredients are complete, you will notice something is missing from the taste. And if you are into anything spicy, buy a chili sauce in Singapore. But aside from this seasoning, what else can you purchase to give life to your foods? You need to know some condiments, like the following:


If you are looking for something that could add saltiness to your food, fish sauce is what you need to buy. As its name states, it makes your food saltier than before. It is different from soy sauce, and you will notice it in its colour. Soy sauce is darker.


Another spicy sauce is mala sauce in Singapore. Many people love to buy this because it makes your tongue taste spicy. You will also feel hot because of this condiment. If you want your tastebuds to feel numb for seconds, this sauce is what you should not miss trying.


If you need a sauce that has a thick texture, oyster sauce is for you. Its taste is salty and sweet, perfect for your seafood recipes. But if you want to try it with pork and chicken, do not hesitate to mix it.


XO sauce is also available in Singapore, and people who love seafood choose this. Some of the components of this sauce are fish, scallops, and dried shrimp. It also has non-seafood ingredients to add more taste to the sauce.


People who want to taste everything in a sauce need to buy this product. If you want something that makes your food sweet, spicy, and salty, garlic sauce is there to serve.

These sauces can make your foods tastier if you use the correct one. Consider buying these to make your meals delicious and impress visitors during events. To learn more about sauces and condiments, visit the website of AmigoSG. They also sell ginger candy in Singapore.

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