Devour the Best Momos in Delhi At These Famous Eating Joints

If there is one street food that Delhiites could spend their entire life binge-eating, it would undoubtedly be Momos. We bet it is next to impossible to trace a Delhite who wouldn’t instantly strike a chord with momos. Having its origin in Tibet, Momos is basically a super soft flour-coated dumpling with a delicious filling of minced chicken, paneer (cottage cheese), or chopped veggies. Momos is not a food in Delhi- it’s more like an emotion. Had a bad day at college? You know you can turn to momos to instantly amp up your mood! Want to beat those after-work hunger pangs? A delectable plate of momos will be your perfect savior! So, for a nation full of momo lovers, Select City Walk in Saket houses some of the best momo joints that are sure to tickle your taste buds.

WOW! Momo – One of the widely-expanding QSR chains in India, WOW! Momo has carved a unique space in the hearts of every Momo lover. This place is widely appreciated because of its exhaustive range of innovative and mouth-watering delicacies. Their Moburgers, chicken cheese momos, and Darjeeling momos offer a truly other-worldly experience. WOW! Momo is located in a number of places in Delhi, including the Select City Walk Mall, Saket. Mark your calendars and make sure to visit this momo joint for an experience worth being recalled every day.

Mamagoto– If you want to devour some mind-bending Asian food, Mamagoto has a clear win here. This Japanese-based food brand is literally born out of the idea to experiment with food. Combined with quirky decor and an exhaustive range pan-Asian cuisine, Mamagoto is worth a try for a mind-boggling experience. Dig into their super-soft and juicy momos that are bound to keep you hooked to it.

Wan Chai – Give your taste buds an unforgettable experience with an eclectic range of Chinese delicacies offered at Wan chai By Kylin.Savior the best of momos, dim sums, and an elaborate meal with noodles, sizzlers, and more at this Chinese restaurant situated in Select Citywalk Mall, Saket.

Hunger Strike- When talking about momos, we simply cannot miss out on the king of it! Hunger Strike is an all-time fav momo point and is widely loved for its irresistible tandoori momos. Carefully grilled in Tandoor with yogurt and red chutney, the momos simply melt in the mouth and are sure to keep you coming back for more.

Brown Sugar–  Ask a Delhite a place to sit and relish a delicious plate of momos, and it would definitely be Brown Sugar. Located in GK1- Brown Sugar offers classic steamed momos and is the hub of every momo lover out there! Their exhaustive range of sweets and savories is sure to sweep you off your feet! Do give it a try if you also live and breathe momos.

Now that you have all the best momos in delhi places right in front of you, when are you planning to visit one (or maybe all) of these joints?

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