How can you Elevate Your Coffee Experience with Pure Kona Coffee?

There are plenty of things special about Kona coffee which is also known as Hawaiian coffee, as it is the place where 100% pure Kona coffee can be found. Hawaii is a place rich in Earth’s best and most exclusive coffee varieties due to its unique weather, like ocean-lined landscapes and rainbow-filled valleys.

The State of Hawaii has gained popularity by offering an iconic, internationally recognized coffee powerhouse. This place spread across the volcanic island chain, enabling it to own eleven coffee regions, including one small region on the Big Island, which is often known as the coffee belt. Here, let’s find out more about how having pure Kona coffee can elevate your coffee experience:

Kona Coffee: A Brief

Many of you might be thinking that coffee trees are native to the Hawaiian Islands. Still, the fact stands out as they likely originated in Ethiopia ahead of being found in the west to South America. Let’s know how Hawaii and, more specifically, Kona has come a long way to become a world-renowned coffee destination.

In the 1820s, coffee was first introduced to Hawaii. Though Hawaii was not the first choice to plant coffee, the Manoa Valley on Oahu was. But, poor management and lack of essentials damage them and disable them from growing well. After that, when coffee landed on the Big Island by 1828, it was then first planted in the Hilo area. Following that year, a few of those seedlings were brought by Reverend Samuel Ruggles, aiming to plant the first-ever coffee trees on the westward volcanic slopes in the Kona region of the Big Island. And later, it started spreading all over the world, giving a satisfying flavor to the taste buds of the people, and began to gain popularity rapidly.

In this period, you can simply address more than 790 coffee farms and plantations available on the Big Island and many of them working as small, independent enterprises. Such smallholder farmers follow the same methods that their ancestors developed.

Major Factor in Kona Coffee – Protection

Unfortunately, when we go to Kona Coffee, we come across unscrupulous traders who have been selling other coffee in the name of Kona Coffee. Concern of its protection, The State of Hawaii released legislation in 2003 to stop this abuse of the Kona coffee name. Also, the strict standards on the utilization of Kona Coffee in mixed-origin blends strengthen the particulars on the use of Kona Coffee.

The emergence of new technologies in other coffee farms around the world did not work well on the Kona, and it remains firm in its traditional methods. And, you can yourself Kona Coffee farmers using old-fashioned ways to harvest, dry, pluck beans, drying or roasting them. Now, as you are equipped with plenty of information about it, why not order some quality 100% Kona Coffee at your doorstep? Enjoy your coffee treat with your favorite people or loved ones and escape from a hectic schedule.

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