Indian Food Restaurant: What Are The Menus Served?

You have seen a lot of Indian foods posted on social media, yet you have not tried one. You are not an Indian, but you have the feeling of wanting to taste Indian cuisine. With a lot of ideas to get online today to prepare Indian food, still, you still can’t cook exactly what it tastes like. Unless it is prepared by a real Indian cook.

To experience the taste of this cuisine, visit the indian food hong kong restaurant.

Best Indian food for dinner

There are South Indian dinners to taste, namely:

  • Chapatti – veg kurma
  • Ghee rice – soya chunks curry
  • Bisi bele bath & sweet corn vada

In the North Indian dinner, you have the following foods available, such as:

  • Paneer Tikka
  • Poori – potato masala
  • Jeera rice
  • Kulfi or Kheer

Top best Indian restaurants in Hong Kong

Jo Jo Indian cuisine

The Indian restaurant is a fantastic place with amazing food. The authentic Indian food to taste here brings you to the world of Indian cuisine. The best masala tea that you can taste ever, a must-be-ordered tea, including the garlic man and butter chicken. It has great food and service that everyone loves, especially since the restaurant is clean and has a good taste of Indian foods served on the table while relaxing in the place.

The buffet was good and the food was great; good service and the staff were nice and you were welcomed and had a good place to relax with friends and your friends while waiting for the food you ordered to be served on the table. The decor of the restaurant is luxurious, making the people feel noble when they come in. Indian food has a different kind of exquisiteness, making people imagine that it is a delicious dish or a more like work of art.

The restaurant has unique dishes, providing particularly thoughtful service, making you feel at home. It is one of the most comfortable services that customers have experienced. The restaurant’s decoration is elegant and simple, and the names of the dishes on the recipe are also poems with unique ancient experiences.

Chutney restaurant

If you want a restaurant that is something mysterious, Chutney is what you are looking for. It has very noble and gorgeous decorations, there are many mysterious and unique decorations. Experience the crispy pancakes with 3 color sauces served with specially made colorful cereals. The red sauce is spicy and sweet. The yellow has a slightly sweet taste, while green is full of plant air.

If you have not tried crispy pancakes, then now is the right time to taste it. The crispy pancake is very satisfying to your taste buds, especially added with its very appetizing sauce. Chutney is a fancy and modern Indian restaurant. The food is so delicious, good for first-timers tasting Indian food. The service is excellent and the waiters are very polite and helpful.

Consider these two Indian food Hong Kong restaurants.0

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