Mad Honey – The Rare Hallucinogenic Organic Honey From The Himalayas

Mad honey is a rare variety of honey found on the Himalayan mountainsides of Nepal and Turkey. This is not the usual sweet honey but tastes slightly bitter. Getting this honey is quite difficult as they are made by the Himalayan bees only at a specific time of the year.

Moreover, the dangerous Himalayan terrains make it difficult to reach the nests for collecting mad honey. It is the Gurung tribe from Nepal and the Himalayan range who take the risk of collecting the most natural form of mad honey and delivering it to us.

Why is it hallucinogenic?

Mad honey contains grayanotoxins which when ingested in high quantities can cause hallucinogenic effects. This is why it is called mad honey. However, consuming mad honey in the proper dosage does not produce any intoxicating effects, rather it helps in providing relief to the body.

This psychedelic mad honey from Nepal is available in a 100% pure organic form by Real Mad Honey. This is an online store that delivers mad honey to consumers who are looking for a good reliable source to buy this honey. The store strives for constant quality and quick delivery so that mad honey is available to everyone. They get their honey tested by Duzce University, a research and development center that specializes in testing honey.

Preparation of mad honey

Mad honey is prepared only once a year by the Cliff bee from the great Himalayas. They produce nectar by feeding on a species of flowering plants called rhododendrons. The psychoactive effects of mad honey are not produced by the bees, but by the species of this flowering plant.

Rhododendrons contain neurotoxic compounds known as grayanotoxins. Bees feeding on the nectar of these flowers ingest grayanotoxins which finally go into the honey.

However, accessing honeycombs with mad honey is difficult. Since rhododendrons are found in the higher altitudes of the Himalayan range, the bees also make their hives on the high cliffs for easy access to the plants. This is why harvesters like people from the Gurung tribe have to climb these difficult mountainsides to get real mad honey.

Health benefits of mad honey

Taking small quantities of mad honey would provide positive effects and no severe intoxication. It is being used for centuries by the Greeks and Egyptians:

  • For treating gastrointestinal problems like ulcers, gastritis, and dyspepsia.
  • For cold, cough, and treating sore throats due to its bitter taste.
  • For regulating high blood pressure.
  • For lowering cholesterol levels due to its antioxidant properties.
  • For having a good sleep.
  • As an aphrodisiac for sexual arousal.

Sticking to safe dosage of mad honey depending on your body weight will reap benefits. Locals prefer taking one teaspoon in the morning to stay healthy and get energy for the entire day. For good sleep, one teaspoon in the evening is sufficient.

Natural and organic products indeed have many health benefits. However, there is still insufficient research about mad honey producing strong medicinal benefits. This is why it is advised not to start consuming mad honey for the treatment of medical problems without consulting a specialist.

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