Some Of The Best Pizza Joints You Must Know While You Are In Singapore

It does not matter if you are having pizza delivered to your doorstep or just moving out and visiting a cool hangout place. Your love for Italian food is intense. Whether you like juicy cheese pepperoni or grilled chicken pizza, you can get everything you want in Singapore.

Places to have the best pizzas in Singapore are mentioned here

Wild Child Pizzette

It is one of the best places for you to relish the best pizza in Singapore. The best is that it has a great slogan about how the best things come in 10 inches. The petite-size pizza that loves is not always about size. There are some fantastic unconventional creations also that are loaded with a punch. It would be best if you never forgot to pair the amazing pizzas with a chilled beer or a fresh mocktail. Wild child pizzette is Located at 50 Circular Road Singapore.

Pano Kato

The restaurant is located at the House of Anli, which is interior retail, besides being a unique concept for dining. It is a Greek term that means Upstairs, Downstairs. It means that the store is upstairs while Pano Kato is present downstairs. You can enjoy the best Greek military and food here as the restaurant offers a fantastic grilled menu like pizza, and all the Greek treats can be found at a one-stop destination. The spotlight here is indeed pizzas. You can expect brick oven pizza here, which is a must-try. The best part is that the brick pizzas are made from fresh ingredients, and if you follow a diet like a keto or gluten-free, you can also order that pizza. Following a vegan diet, you can go for a vegan pizza featuring basil leaves and roasted zucchini oregano. If you are a meat eater, you can order loukaniko, which features capsicum pork sausage and red onions. If you want to go meat-free, then you can try your hands on the fantastic tomato and Bolognese.


Pizza restaurant considers using naturally hydrated dough as a pizza base for amazing pizzas. All the pizzas are hand-stretched and baked at 400 degrees Celsius, creating a soft or lightning texture. As some current recommendations are available, you can expect fantastic Margarita pizza without basil and olive oil.

While in Singapore, you should try these pizza places and relish your taste buds like never before.

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