Tips When Ordering Popcorn in Advance

Do you love popcorn? Who doesn’t, right? It’s the perfect snack. And it’s always a great idea to bring some with you to the movies. But what if you don’t want to have to worry about getting your hands on some popcorn when you get to the theatre? Well, then, you can order it in advance! Here are some tips for ordering popcorn so that it’s just how you like it.

Why do some people order popcorn in advance, anyway? There are many reasons, actually.

There are instances when you are going to see a movie in the cinema and wouldn’t want to be bothered by falling in line at the snack bar and miss out on the first part of the movie, then it is best to buy popcorn ahead of schedule. You won’t have to go through the hassle of long lines just to get your popcorn as your order is already prepared and ready for you to pick up.

Other people meanwhile order popcorn in advance for special events. Popcorn delivery in Singapore usually becomes handy on these occasions, since they bring in popcorn in bulk. These are either pre-packed popcorn for giveaways, or freshly popped kernels to be served in the snack area or in a standalone kiosk.

Here are some tips when ordering popcorn in advance, according to industry experts:

  1. Always ask if there are any discounts for ordering ahead of time.

Bulk orders are usually offered at discounted prices, and sometimes this applies to popcorn ordered in advance. If you are getting popcorn for an upcoming party, then you may have to order both in bulk and ahead of schedule. You may want to ask your popcorn delivery service in Singapore if they offer these special perks. If they do, then you are able to get the most of your purchase and enjoy this snack to the fullest on the day of your event.

  1. Be clear about how much popcorn you want and when you need it.

Of course, when ordering in advance, you have to be clear with your details since the popcorn supplier will be preparing it according to your instructions. Do you need raw popcorn, flavoured popcorn, pre-packaged popcorn with a custom label, or will the popcorn be cooked by the supplier right at your venue?

Being able to prepare in advance not only streamlines the job of your supplier but more importantly, provides you with the best popcorn experience ever.

  1. Make sure to dedicate a good place to store the popcorn until it’s time to serve it.

Popcorn, even in its packaged form, is fluffy and consumes space. You may need a good amount of storage space for your popcorn supplies before you actually serve it.

The best place to store popcorn is at a cool dry place at room temperature. Do not store your supplies near sunlight as they may dry and go stale, and likewise not in the refrigerator as the colder temperatures may affect their flavour.

When serving popcorn in a snack bar during your party, do not expose the kernels to open air as it puts them at risk of going stale and losing their flavour as well.

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