Top 5 Food Items To Book Online For Your Railway Journey

The finest trip is by train, especially when traveling with friends and family. Everyone agrees that taking the train is the best option. The trains have now made it possible to order food online and have it delivered to your location. If you are taking a train when it is time for eating something, you can order meals through Railway Food Order Online. Chole bhature, rajma chawal, dal makhani, chicken fry, fish fry, tandoori chicken, Jain thali, idli sambar, dosa, and many other popular dishes are available for you to eat.

The top 5 foods that you must try are Delhi fast food, Punjabi food, Jain food, group food, and thali in the train. IRCTC’s new system provides a lot of advantages as well. You are given food from eateries with FSSAI approval. The variety of cuisine available to passengers is diverse. Lets see how you can avail the service of these 5 foods.

Know Websites or Applications for Your Food On The Train:

The official IRCTC website is the place from which you may order food in train online. A PNR number must be added in order to place a food order. They will then retrieve your information. The next step is to choose a restaurant and boarding station. Now pick out your preferred cuisine and place it on your seat.

Online Zoop App And Official Website: This is India’s first app with a connection to the IRCTC website. The most reliable app for offering you options for online food in trains is this one. especially during lunch. This app allows you to place an order for some delectable lunch items.

Another top app where you can order food online is called ZoopIndia. They serve scrumptious, sanitary cuisine. Your journey may become more special and unforgettable as a result.

There are many more apps also but these are the best online food app in train.

Now You Can Order Food From Whatsapp:

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.) has launched a WhatsApp number to offer real-time status updates for any train or to allow customers to place food orders online while traveling. The Indian Railways WhatsApp number would allow all passengers to order food in the train by sending a WhatsApp message to the same contact along with the train number. Here is the recently released Indian Railways WhatsApp Number: Indian Railways’ WhatsApp number is 7042062070.

Customers can purchase meals, track their order, file complaints, and receive an immediate live train status update by sending a WhatsApp message to 7042062070. However, on occasion the server could be overloaded and it might take some time to receive the response. Users can also dial the Indian Railways Helpline’s 139 number to inquire about the status of any train or to request assistance. I may be reached at this number.

Order Through Different Apps:

You can avail Railway Food Order Online from the app as well if you don’t want to order it from the website while riding the train. In addition, ordering food in this way is incredibly simple and quick.

First, download any app from the Play Store that you plan to use to place a food order.

Then launch the app and provide some of your fundamental information, such as your name and phone number.

You will now have the option to enter your PNR and train numbers. These two options must be selected, so fill them out.

Select the restaurant and boarding station following that. You will select from the provided list.

Choose the food item now. Payment choices will then appear.

You have the option of paying online or with cash on delivery.

then watch for an order confirmation message.

Your order has been placed with the app after that. Enjoy your hot, delicious food right away.

How To Order Food Without The Internet?

The train occasionally passes through locations where the internet might not be working. Then, in such a circumstance, the question of how to take railway food orders online aboard a train arises. Here is the solution; you can now telephone or SMS to place an order. All you have to do is dial their number on your phone. Then some individuals on the opposing side will support you. Then they will ask you for some fundamental information and your PNR number. After that, they will question you about the delivery station where you want your meal to be delivered and the food item you want before they confirm your PNR number. They will confirm the order once all of this is done.

The SMS message is the same. Along with the food item, you must submit your PNR number and delivery location. Your order will either be confirmed or not confirmed once you get a back massage. Just wait for your order if the order confirmation is present.

With this facility, food service is now incredibly convenient for passengers, and the variety of meal selections available can satisfy even the pickiest diners. Now, the traveler may order food that suits their culture, preferences, and palate. People who are health-conscious can now purchase food while traveling.

You can see that you need to enter your PNR number and train number in each of the preceding stages. The PNR number and Train number play a crucial role.

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