What are the baking tools you need to use in your home

What are the baking tools you need to use in your home?

A beginning and seasoned bakes will get gathered around. A list of supplies from You Knead Sourdough will help you organize your baking equipment. As a new baker, you must start setting up your kitchen with all the pastry tools you can use for any recipe you like to bake. And when you have a recipe you are trying to perfect, you can check the tools that are good to use, making your process faster and easier.

Wooden spoons

Using one wooden spoon is enough, but it is the tool that is handy where it can be helpful to have some of it. Wooden spoons are durable, and they are different kinds of stirring. You can use them with even the heaviest and thickest dough. You must handwash them when you finish using them so they don’t crack.

Rubber spatula

When looking for a rubber spatula more often than you think, it is a tool that is best for scraping the last bit of your dough or batters out of the pan. It is also handy for folding wet and dry ingredients, but you must remember that silicone scrapers will manage high heat better than rubber ones.

Metal turner

Transferring fresh oven cookies to a rack or serving a piece of cake is no better tool than using an old spatula. A thin metal blade can be handy, and it is flexible enough to slide under anything you like without squishing the dough or crumbling your cookies.

Pastry brush

It is a good tool that you can use anywhere without realizing it. You can use the brush to grease the pa before you put a cake batter. Coat the dough with melted butter or egg wash on a pie crust. It is the best tool you can use as a frequent baker.

Kitchen scissors

When making a recipe or baking, you must have handy kitchen scissors. It is helpful in some ways, like cutting fresh herbs, cutting parchment for you to fit a pan, or opening containers and packages.

Rolling pin

Rolling pins are useful for rolling out cookie dough, puff pastry, and pie crusts, but there are some ways that you can put the tool to work in your kitchen. When you don’t have a food processor to crush the cookies or chips, you can use a sealable bag and your rolling pin to smash it to pieces.

Chef’s knife

When you have one knife in your kitchen, you must use it once. A chef’s knife is the best for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing any ingredient you like in your recipe.

Pairing knife

It would help to have a pairing knife in your collection for coring and peeling foods like apples. It is handy because you can use it for cutting other vegetables and fruits, where you can focus your work which is your chef’s knife is too big to use.

When you have enough space in your kitchen for baking tools, you can start using some tools from the list. It is optional for some baking recipes, but these additional supplies will make it easier and faster.

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