What Are The Different Types Of Pork Ribs?

Pork ribs are a widely accepted food variety that contains a good amount of protein and vitamin nutrients. Meat lovers worldwide find this option a great to stay healthy and refreshed. As the food can be available in almost all the meat shops, it is essential to know the proper cut for the food that can deliver the best benefits and is easy to cook. However, you should be prepared in mind how you want to cook it. This blog will help you understand the appropriate cuts for the pork ribs and make your special meal! 

4 Distinct Cuts For Pork Ribs 

The pork anatomy can usually determine the right cut. So, what should you choose is stated hereunder: 

  • Spare Ribs  

Spare ribs contain approximately 1 inch think meat and can be trimmed from the bone side. If you want to eat roasted pork rib or have a soupy texture, you want to season it with your favourite barbecue, and then opting for the spare ribs can be a perfect choice.  

  • Baby Back Ribs 

Look at the anatomy and determine whether it belongs to a baby pig or not. If yes, you can take a call for back ribs. These ribs are relatively leaner than the spare ribs and usually range between 3-6 inches from long and short ends.  

  • Rib Tips  

Rib tips are the cartilage and small bones connecting the breast bone and ribs. These are cut from the spare rib’s lower ends. It would help if you weren’t confused with the rib tips and the riblets, as riblets are not ribs. Rib tips are usually 2-3 inches wider and 8-12 inches long. They are extra chewy due to the presence of the cartilage.  

  • Riblets  

These pork ribs are ideal for kids to improve their appetite. These come from a whole slab rib and are cut to separate the bones and meat, and the bones thus remain only half of their actual size. If you are getting it for your kiddo, you can add it to a smaller portion of their regular meal and observe the benefit.  

When you step into any meat shop, you can ask the butcher about the appropriate cut for the pork ribs and enjoy your meal the way you want.  

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