What Type of Tools to Use for Making Beef Jerky?

Among the oldest kinds of food conservation, beef jerky making dates back to the 1500s when the Incans stored and maintained llama as well as other game by drying strips for hours in the sunlight, the name originates from the Incan “ch’ arki,” which essentially translates to “dried meat”. Jerky became prominent with inhabitants in the West of America as it was simple to lug as well as lasted via long treks. Jerky production has come to a long method in the last few centuries, with several various techniques, tools, as well as selections offered. And also, it’s so easy, you are able to learn how to manufacture jerky, venison jerky, as well as even more at the house with little to no unique devices called for.


When you consider jerky, you think of the tasty leather pieces you detach with your teeth with a little eat. That hard, crunchy top quality is accomplished by cutting the whole muscle fibers with the grain. If you desire a quicker technique, hamburger jerky, additionally, called formed or reorganized jerky, requires no marinating time but causes a chewier, snack-stick-like structure.


  • Meat Slicer: Yes, you can easily make jerky with a blade. But if you’re making large amounts of jerky typically, it’s time to invest in a quality meat slicer. This will guarantee that your pieces are also thick to permit more consistent drying out outcomes.
  • Jerky Gun: For consistent pieces, utilizing a jerky weapon is your best bet. Straightforward loads and press your skilled ground meat onto your steel trays or rack. Many jerky weapons on the market feature multiple attachments so you can make round sticks or flat strips.
  • Moving Pin: No jerky weapon? No problem. Place a portion of your ground meat between two items of plastic wrap or wax paper, as well as roll right into 1/4″ thick. Cut, as well as carefully transfer to your cake rack.
  • Wire Racks: Cord wracks are a must for both ground and entire jerky production. Nevertheless, if you’re intending on making jerky on the stove, you can position your jerky slices over metal skewers as well as hang them down through the top of a stove shelf. Locate a cookie sheet on the bottom shelf to capture the drippings.
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