Perfect Tonic Water For Your Favorite Drink

Tonic water is a carbonated drink with a small content of quinine. Traditionally, it was used as a prophylactic against malaria. The lower quinine content drink is consumed for its unique bitter flavor, yet had changed taste nowadays. Nowadays, premium tonic water is sweetened and often used in mixed drinks, particularly in:

  • Tonic
  • Gin

Is tonic water an alcoholic drink?

Tonic water today is added with sugar. Although the drink has a bitter taste, the dash of quinine is a common alcoholic drink mixer.

Is it good for you?

Tonic water doesn’t have any known nutritional benefits. A lot of people believed that it helps with restless legs syndrome and night-time leg cramps. But, there is no scientific evidence confirming this belief.


Tonic water is frequently used as a drink mixer for your cocktail. Tonic water can be with lime or lemon juice added often known as bitter lime or bitter lemon. The signature bitter but sweet taste of tonic water makes it popular. But, people are using tonic water as a mixer for their coffee.

Is tonic water safe to drink daily?

You can even drink 3 glasses of tonic water daily as long as you are not allergic to quinine. But, if you are sensitive to quinine, it might cause a dangerous blood disorder, even a small dose of quinine. There are symptoms of quinine toxicity that you must know, such as:

  • Digestive upset
  • Headache
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Visual differences
  • Skin rash
  • Arrhythmias

Tonic water with gin

Traditionally, tonic and gin were prescribed to the British Army to prevent malaria. It turned out that quinine’s bitter taste makes it easier to drink gin when added to it. It was then that the tonic becomes a great mixer for the gin. Until it is brought to the present generation that makes these producers of the drink manufacture flavored tonic water.

Why tonic water is the best mixer in gin?

Tonic water has a bitter taste that makes it unpleasant. It is the reason behind drinking it with a gin until centuries passed by that made tonic made available in flavored taste. In order to make the tonic water palatable, it is mixed in gin.

But, drinking tonics and gin didn’t remain as prevention against malaria. It turned out that people use to love drinking a mix of tonic and gin that make it served on the table, until today.

But, you will be surprised with the flavored tonic water today. Tonic water is available in different flavors, such as:

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Cinchona extract

These are only a few flavors of the tonic water that are perfect to be paired with your choice of gin. The drink has low calories. So, many drinkers love this gin mixer so much.

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